Sloths & more- shop update

sloth with fez

First off- Updated Sloths!

I meant to expand on my sloth items for a while now. What I didn’t realize was how much I already have!

The stickers that are so well loved over on etsy are splitting off onto other items here on ladysparrowhawk! So far we have the rainbow wig sloth, the fez, the princess and the top hat sloth. They seem to be the usual favorites with my product research group (my kids, nieces, and nephews have great taste).

The rest  of the pack will be coming along. The viking helmet, ball cap, and winter knit sloth climb to the top of the pile next. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled. I would say they move fast, but they’re sloths. So, yeah, not really.

Dressed to the 8s!

This fancy guy just came out of a “I need to draw an octopus with a top hat” moment. Those moments come randomly, like little gifts from the muse. They don’t take much coaxing- they just need to be made and I was here at the right time.You can also kind of blame the Via Aquarium (I’m infatuated with the cuttle fish).

My four-year old daughter wants to draw your attention to the cane, which features an ammonite fossil. She’s my future paleontologist.

The White Wolf

You can thank my son for this one. His love of wolves tipped the scales and ended up with a gorgeous print of this piece on his bedroom wall. Prints will be coming up in the shop as well as product like totes, pillows, and tshirts!

Slothee Coffee is back!

Speaking of t-shirts, the much loved slothee coffee shirt is back. My t-shirt vendor had a bit of a hiccup with American Apparel being bought out. It’s unclear whether they’ll be available again, so I switched over to Anvil shirts! Lazy coffee-fueled sloths of the world rejoice!


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