Welcome to the Silver Fox Club

silver fox illustration

I harass my husband. In fairness, he is a fox.

He walks away; I make “Mmmhm MMM” noises.

I use his washing the dishes as an opportunity to ogle him.

Someone labeled  his gym trips “silver fox training” in our calendar ap. Who could that have been?! It’s a mystery for the ages.

So, this year, I decided to take it to his card. Store cards routinely highlight the strength, dependability, and emotional core of a man in a committed relationship. Since they wouldn’t be any help to me, I had to help myself. How does one tell their handsome significant other exactly how cute he is in card form?

In the process of 2 days I worked up a card welcoming him into the company of all the silver foxes of the world.

And as a result all of you get the benefit of a beautiful card for the beautiful men in your lives! Buy it here!

Just look at the reaction it got!

silve fox cardAs a result of my annoying harassment- I give you the card itself. A majestic gray (silver) fox poses as if in a museum display, or a loony toons cartoon (wile e coyote anyone?).

Most noteworthy, however, is the expression on this man’s face. Look at the smirk, the chuckle. It’s almost as if he’s saying “not again” and “I secretly like this” at the same time. It’s the face of a man resigned to his own attractiveness. At least that’s what I say. I do hope he stops resisting it.

That face is the exact expression that I imagined I would receive.

I just hope that he remembers that he gave me permission to take his picture and put it on the interwebs. The bed head hair is rather cute.

Pick one up for yourself at lady sparrowhawk over at etsy (The card, not the husband. He’s mine!)

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