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Life is Temporary- Luster Semi-Matte Paper


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As awesome as it is to seek for greatness, sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that what we do is temporary. Even the greatest accomplishments of humanity would fade, or become overgrown and lost should our species perish. As depressing as some think nihilism is, it’s always held a bit of comfort for me. In perspective, my mistakes and failures are as temporary as my victories might be. Therefore it’s difficult to carry too much guilt or blame.

Life is Temporary- so relax, don’t worry too much, take it at an easy pace, breath, reflect and just enjoy nothingness, or the concept of nothingness for a bit.

This print belongs to my Nihilism and Flowers grouping. The series sprang into being after one too many inspirational quotes on social media fried my mind.

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Printed on Luster Semi Matte Paper, this print is available in a variety of dimensions. As a landscape dimension print, the larger number will always be the width and the smaller the height. Frame is not included.

Production time is 2-7 days so add that onto the shipping time of your choice.

First class US orders typically takeĀ  3-5 business days in transit

Priority US orders typically take 2-4 business days in transit.

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