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The American kestrel is the smallest and most common falcon in North America. It ranges into parts of South America. This raptor is a well established species that has evolved a number of subspecies adapted to different environments and habitats throughout the Americas.

The American kestrel is a common bird used in falconry. Though not as strong a flyer as many other larger falcons, but proper training allows many American kestrels to become effective hunters of small birds sparrows and starlings. They even have occasional success against birds up to approximately twice their own weight.

In the Saw-whet Owl, the American Kestrel, and the Sand Cat, we see unique animals with skills commonly seen in their much larger cousins. These “small wonders” survive in a large world without having the advantage that being big gives.

The Small Wonders series is born out of a deep love of and respect for the smaller animals that inhabit our world.

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Printed on Archival Matte Paper, this print is available in a variety of dimensions. If you are looking for a particular size and don’t see it, let us know. Our printer can handle custom dimensions, and I can handle setting the design up to fit those dimensions.

As a portrait dimension print, the larger number will always be the height and the smaller the width. Frame not included.

Production time is 2-7 days so add that onto the shipping time of your choice.

First class US orders typically takeĀ  3-5 business days in transit

Priority US orders typically take 2-4 business days in transit.

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5×7, 8×10, 9×12, 11×17, 11×14, 12×16, 12×24, 16×24, 16×20, 18×24, 20×30, 20×24, 24×36, 30×40, 36×48, 40×60


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