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Social media is haaarrd. Sharing is easy. In fact, sharing is so easy for me that I can’t contain myself. I am so excited for even the simplest of things- that I can’t stop myself from showing EVERYONE.

This is a problem. It’s a problem because people like campaigns. People like a story. They love to be told a winding, advancing, slow, suspense building story. I know that story writing hinges on foreshadowing, symbolism, a defined struggle and a conclusion to that struggle. For someone to invest in what I am selling or sharing, they need to care.

So, I am going to attempt a story here:

Next Wednesday is my husband’s birthday.

As much as I like to make cards, and art for cards, I am horrible at buying them for special occasions. The stereotype about husbands not remembering is more aptly applied to me than him. I’ve made him some silly weird little meme cards now and again. They were funny but I didn’t spend a ton of time on them.

What I do-is tease him mercilessly about how attractive he is to me. I put his gym nights in the calendar with headings like “posterior matience”. I tell him that since amateur athletes compete in the olympics, he would win a gold medal in his age class for nice booties. When I find him extra attractive, I tell him. He almost fell asleep the other day with our four year old daughter laying on top of him watching Shimmer and Shine, and the way her breath had deepened in time with the rise and fall of his chest just hit me. When he was awake, I told him. Moments like that are what make a love like ours. At least I like to think so.

He’s a quiet man, so it’s hard to tell if he enjoys it as much as I think he does. However, he does complain if something bothers him and I haven’t heard a real honest “stop” out of him yet. In my husband language that’s as good as a gold star.

I am horrible about the cards though. I forget a LOT.

It’s a shame because we are sharing our days with each other in a way that seems alien when compared to the depiction of marriage in popular media. We’re mindful of each other. We try to do extra, go a little further, think about what the other might like before doing things. Our children see us kiss, and all too often grab butts (sorry kids, it ain’t gonna stop). I try to make sure that I thank him for the little things. For example, he cleans the snow off of my car sometimes as he’s heading to work. I’m still warm in bed at that time

I have been terrible at cards…at least until this year.

This year I MADE him a card- like full on made one like I would for Lady Sparrowhawk, or the elements from Greymount Paper & Press. (Speaking of which, extra shout out to Carlene for bouncing some ideas back to me that helped tie the whole thing together).

And it is KILLING me not to share it. I want other people to have this card to tell their handsome, husbands, boyfriends, significant others, and whatnot that they still have “it”.

Sharing it would be wrong! I can’t! I must wait until after his birthday.

Therefore this is the formal announcement that there will be a new card on both this site AND on etsy. My hope is that you’ll all love the teasing, goading, generally sweetness that it communicates- and that someone else out there can use it to say something that’s not so easy to say.

Tune back in on Thursday to see the trouble that I’ve gotten myself into. I will even try to catch the eye-roll he gives me when he opens it on film if I can!

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