Peacock Totes Dope

peacock tote bag

Look at this Dope Peacock tote! LOOK AT IT!

I don’t even like peacocks all that much. I’m not a “showy” person. In fact, it’s almost 11am and it’s a minor miracle that I’m actually dressed.

So what’s this peacock love about?

I work for this lovely company called Greymount Paper & Press. That lovely company is owned and operated by a friend named Carlene. She’s the driving force behind it. She’s the one that feeds me the visuals and I craft them into my usual vector based- watercolor look style.

It’s a pretty awesome match. She’s more type A. I’m more type whatever. As in, whatever you hand me I’ll figure it out. I don’t drive forward like an A, I get lost chasing butterflies.

This peacock is one of those butterflies.

I know one’s a bird, one’s an insect. I’m speaking metaphorically. This fancy bird took me on a chase.

I’m not sure how real peacock wrangling works… but I doubt they get an amazing tote, or a super cool notebook out of it. The difference with chasing a real peacock is; there was a completed piece of artwork at the end of mine. They probably just get peacock scratches and a handful of feathers. (Again, I’m no animal wrangling expert)

Carlene sets the butterfly-peacock free. I chase it, catch it, and hand it back to her. She sprinkles some magic (tweaking, laying out, adding text) on it- and it turns into what you see on her site. While she’s on the magic, I’m off chasing the next butterfly-peacock.

Because of each other, pieces like this come to life.

In progress peacock tail picture
This is what the beginning stages looked like! Yikes!

Finding wild butterflies is a struggle with which a lot of artists can identify. In addition figuring out what to do with a butterfly (inspiration/idea) once you have your net around it, and your hands on it also confounds a person. Our partnership takes two of those struggles right off of my proverbial plate. I don’t need to worry about them when it comes to Greymount.

It’s a partnership that works, however we came about it. And it is a part of the foundation of my belief in myself- seeing these things spring into their artistic life. My next hope is to catch one of our pieces out in the wild.

So check out her site! I hope I see you rocking this, or a hedgehog, or otter, or jellyfish.

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