Hopped to It!

I  reached into the bottom of the purse earlier this week and something hopped into my hand. Sometimes an idea gets buried deep, or a recovered artifact spurs a brand new creation.

Now anyone who carries a bag must know what I mean by the bottom of the purse. It’s the deep dark place where the extra set of nail clippers, bobby pins, half-used chap-stick, and almost dead pens live. Nothing live and vibrant is usually down there, until you desperately need a pen. Then that deep dark place breeds minor miracles. This time it hopped one out..

Red-eyed tree frog
The original hopped in…

This tree frog was originally made for a bridal shower gift for a good friend who loves frogs. She adorned the upper left corner of a set of recipe cards for the box full we wrote up for her at the party.

Cute, right? But that was just one purpose, years ago and she has sat (rather sadly) in that no-man’s-land of past work.

It’s almost a shame when you have an element that could make for a more dynamic concept, but you’ve never found a real place for them. She was like that sweet little dog at the shelter that no one had found the time to really love the way she deserves.


sometimes it just takes a bout of procrastination.

I took a trip to the shelter, dragged my hand across the bottom of the purse at the right time, and caught the edge of something that could be a lot of fun.

Tree frog with party hat and heart
And the new hopped into being.

Here she is.

I’ve tuned up the colors a little bit to have her really pop against the background since this version. Printed a little of the arm disappears against the greener blue.

Currently the product¬† photos are getting tweaked. Later this evening you’ll be able to grab the card in the etsy shop. I will post the link right here as well. So if you love it, bookmark it and check back!

Frog in party hat
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