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dream doodling

When I start doodling I get page fright. It’s like stage fright only with a blank piece of paper. Sometimes I have way too many ideas rolling around in my head and can’t decide which one to do- and sometimes none of the ideas I previously had want to show up when I have the time to draw. I have tried different solutions each with it’s own pluses and minuses. Here are a few of them:



Previously, I’ve been able to use events like Inktober– trying to draw something in ink every day for 31 days. It’s a handy little set up because they come with prompt lists. So there’s a step stool, set up to reach for ideas from. It’s great because there are a lot of other artists participating and you can really get into the community feel of it.

The problem is that all of that lovely prompting and communicating only lasts for a month- then it’s over.

Pinterest Prompt Lists

It’s a lot like inktober. There are lists full of great little idea seeds. This time however, I’ve found myself in that same feast or famine that I’m usually in. There are too many prompt lists being thrown around. There are at least five for every month, and yet none that really jump out at me for the month that I’m currently in… It’s like going to my brain for ideas. Without limits, it’s easy to get lost.

Also there’s no community based doodling push… no hashtag to check in on- no surprise of how someone else took the prompt to a weird and wonderful place.

My Handy Bullet Journal

doodling trees

I have a bullet journal. It is an analog planner that starts out as just a plain old notebook. Filled with monthly, and weekly spreads it becomes an adaptable calendar for someone like me who’s life is constantly shifting.It’s natural to draw next to notes- or even make up a visual theme for the planner- I do tend to change themes too often to make it cohesive though…

Then, there’s the fact  that I hate doodling on lined paper. It has bothered me ever since I started scanning my work back in the early 2000’s. I’m also left handed- so writing without lines has always meant slanting… ever so slowly down the hill… until it rolls off the page and provides a weird triangle of space underneath it. So I like the lines for writing, but not for drawing- and I just can’t bring myself to drop $20 or more on a notebook just for a dot grid pattern on the paper.

So until I get over myself, the bullet journal doesn’t quite cut it.

The Current Solution: Diary Doodling

If you follow me on instagram, or facebook- you might have noticed these guys.

In absence of a handy dandy prompt list, and unwilling to doodle in the bullet journal- This is where my daily doodling is standing at the moment.

Small cross-sections of my life, which I would consider rather unexciting- rendered with little illustrations and playful text. It’s like a doodling diary of sorts. It’s what I wish I would be able to do with my bullet journal. Maybe one day when I give up writing on straight lines it will. For now they’ll just be parallel lines, two lines of the same railroad track perhaps? One keeps me on course schedule wise, and the other skill wise.

Choo choo?!

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