Constant Transition

Creative chaos-

Normally, with something as arcane as creativity is best just to let it be, and it sorts itself out in some wonderful or messy way. But there’s been a restlessness brewing in me that I can’t quite put my finger upon.  There’s a transition coming.

As a mother, my life is in a constant transition as my children grow. They don’t need the same thing from me from year to year. Their bodies and minds and personalities grow and their needs shift from season to season (or day to day without warning at times).

I hadn’t considered that my own creative life might be the same way. I did the kid’s book route. I make cute cards and stickers. I’ve been successful in the relative doing of things (whether or not monetarily they’ve made much if anything) all along the way.

Understanding the unbalance-

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading, and listening of creativity-based books and podcasts. In between Sean McCabe (Seanwes podcast), Melissa Gilbert (Big Magic and Magic Lessons), and Julia Cameron (The Sound of Paper), there are elements of the same thing- the need to try new things, the need to move on when expertise has been reached at something, or just the need for a new challenge.

I think there’s a fire in creatives that needs a climb, and I don’t have a specific one at the moment. I had a web comic idea that I had to scrap. There are new stories teaming around inside. There’s the urge to go back to some traditional artwork. I’m in that needing of a climb, but not having a trail picked out to travel.

I have a few ideas on what the next transition is, but there’s that unsteady fear that comes along with it.

Feeling part of the chaos-

Transitions are unsteady, and fear-ridden, and exciting.

I feel alone floating in the middle of this place until I hear all of these other creatives that are searching for passion, courage, challenges and living with fear at their elbow. I’m not alone in my experience. We’re all afraid together.


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