Blizzard sparrows and their expletives

blizzard sparrow

Hello from the frozen tundra that is upstate New York! We were smack dab in the middle of that blizzard that ripped through the northeast on Tuesday.

On the plus side, however, this little bit of inspiration happened. I thought about what my rose bush sparrows must be thinking. There’s a whole colony of them that teems and scatters through a climbing rose bush in my side yard. During the blizzard, I didn’t have a chance to check in on them- but it was quite quiet out there. Normally they talk. A LOT.

backyard full of blizzard snow

I couldn’t help but wonder what they were up to. Because if I saw this blizzard stuff coming my way, I would be all @#%$&* and &*@##*^$.

Speaking of which, I wonder how one swears in sparrowese? Are there expletive tweets? Is there like that one chirp that everyone gasps following and side-eyes the offensive party?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Do sparrows disown their foul-beaked relations?

I would be pretty understanding of uncouth language given the circumstances… I don’t know that there’s an English word that could have potentially caused familial trauma over here. Blizzards are the appropriate time for swearing.

To give fine readers an idea of what we experienced. We shoveled two times during the day on Tuesday, at the first stretch the snow was pretty light, and was maybe a foot deep. The next shoveling must have been the moister (eww) part of the storm, or the lower layer settled, because it was heavier. It wasn’t, however, heavy enough to not be whipped around your face by the winds swirling all around. We have a snow blower, but it is having issues and only was working for short bursts before flopping (much like me, so I shouldn’t complain).

The next morning we all (except my 4 year old) woke up at 5 am and dug out the end of the driveway so my silver fox could get to work on time. The heavy plowed-in end of the driveway was particularly fun.

My fingers curled into a half-frozen claw at the end of it all.

I don’t envy those birds.

titmouse with santa hat
For bird hat cards, there’s always my etsy shop!

They don’t even make bird gloves, or hats to keep them comfy…

So they can keep all their expletives, especially the blizzard related one.

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