Awesome Cards- celebrate the weird

The Inspiration

A friend of mine had a dream, a dream that I designed a tattoo for her. She had it placed on the palm of her hand, in the dream. The design itself was of a monkey riding a unicorn.

That is just the type of thing that makes her awesome. Her mind, even asleep, comes up with this weird wonderful little world. We celebrate so many things in this world that are arbitrary. We celebrate when you were born, or certain days on the calendar. I wanted to celebrate what makes us oddballs.

The Result

So I made a card, on the front, big bold letters that say “You’re more awesome than a…” and on the inside a monkey riding on a unicorn across a flat green field. Perfect for writing a little note about how people are more awesome than the ideas they come up with, the ways they make you laugh, because they’re a fount of ideas and laughter that keeps continuing to amaze us.

And that’s how the “awesome cards” were born. A dream of a weirdo, taken by a weirdo and adapted for distribution to other weirdos.

cat interpretive dance team dinosaur robot sandwich octotopus with donuts squirrel

There are four other awesome card designs thus far. I’m working on adapting one of them to better fit the rest (I’m looking at you dinosaur robot)- so that they can be bought as a set.

Make your own version!

A blank version, which is brand spanking new today, will be available for people with ideas of their own to share the weirdness. I get suggestions all the time (mainly from my kids). Now you apply your own random sense of weirdness to a form of communication beloved by all.

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