A Redesign Story

Sometimes in your life and idea floats into your brain. Sometimes that idea can be coaxed out with minimal work and sweat. Sometimes it takes a near miracle and hours of hard labor. Sometimes the idea comes out and it seems like it’s good enough for now, but you know it’s not “right”. This is a story of the latter sometime. The story of a redesign.

The concept:

A long time ago, when I had only one child- he and I were on our daily walk to school. We talked about the birds that mommy draws and how if she got them printed on t-shirts that he wanted one to wear. I thought that he would like something cooler. Maybe a robot? Or a dinosaur? Or a dinosaur-robot sandwich? It was one of those off handed absurd mom jokes that are all too common around here- but the visual stuck.

The first design:

The awesome card concept (born with the monkey riding a unicorn) fit perfectly. So it came into being. I sketched, finagled around, and placed it inside a vertical card.  It was a cute design and it served admirably until the set widened. I didn’t think about continuing on the series- or what that would look like in practice.

the old dinosaur robot design

The redesign:

All the other cards lent themselves so much better to a horizontal (landscape) layout because it provided much more room to write messages inside. As a result, the Robots and Dinosaur did not cut it in comparison. I sketched again, and again and again (only three times, I swear). Consequently, I came up with robots that mimicked a slice of bread. In the middle are three different dinosaurs. Present are the triceratops, the stegosaurus, and tyrannosaurs rex. Both have the same sense of fun. However, the new card is brighter and more playful with the rounder shapes of both the metallic men, and prehistoric beasties.

the new dinosaur robot sandwich

All is right with the universe. Finally, all is set up to make a stunning box set of awesomeness.

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